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Saturday, August 29, 2009: Event list for the week

Yo people, I'm finally updating cause I've got nothing better to do. XDD

Anyway, blogger has really screwed up on me and it looks super weird.
And if you check the costume designs that people have submitted into the google docs, you'll see that there's a class doing Naruto (good luck to them XD) and CAREBEARS. >.> I want to see them become carebears!!!! XDD Oh yeah, so if you guys want to see human carebears, you should really come to school on Monday. XDDD Oops. I sound like I'm trying to convince you not to skip school.

Enough of the rants.

There won't be any colour-coding this time cause blogger layout died on me.

- Chemistry extra lesson after celebration = finish Organic Chemistry tutorial (but I don't know if we have to finish the alkane one by then


- Alkanes tutorial (cause the lecturer will be going through it, I think)

- ECONS CASE STUDY TEST ON MARKET FAILURE (I think it's Thursday, anyway...)

- HAND IN Econs news article
~ No summary, just analysis + evaluation + judgement
- Math Applications of Integration tutorial
- Physics DC Circuits tutorial

That's all, I think. And sorry for the formatting. I suck at html.
-Wen Yi

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