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Friday, May 1, 2009: HOMEWORK

MY TURN. first time blog, so sry for anyting.
ok. in conclusion, there are NO HOMEWORKS THIS WEEKEND! unless u consider the following as hw:

- physics tutorials, finish the WEP, start on motion if u wan
- maths tutorials, finish the sigma 6b 12 and 13 i tink, feel free to start on the mathematics induction
- econs proj hard copy, can start on the articles, reaching end of term 2.

- chem tutorial finish the ionic, dun bother to start on nxt one, coz sure wun finish
- isit got some kinda gp AQ practice?

- GP REFLECTIONS (first chance)

- GP REFLECTIONS (second chance)

GP REFLECTIONS (last chance)
- GP paper 2 test, got summary AQ.. dno still got wad else.

So in conclusion pls do the tuts, if not mrs cheau and ms lam will sad, and pls do the gp reflections, if not gp rep will sad.
That's all for the week!

The sunflower waved at: 4:11 PM