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Saturday, April 25, 2009: Homework/test list for the week

Okay, this list compiled here is mostly from my own list... So if anyone who has done those, you can just skip over them and don't ask me about it(:

- Physics WEP and Motion in a Circle tutorials
- Math Recurrence and MI tutorials

- Econs essay: Explain why oil prices have risen to unprecedented levels in '08. [10] *to be written in notebook (I think?)
- Chemistry Ionic Equilibrium tutorial (haha, good luck to you guys, I won't be there!)

- Econs project (?) [This was in my handbook, for some reason... Though it's Speech Day, so maybe we should finish this by Wednesday?]
- PI HARD COPY!!! (Well, if you want or have a reason to go back to school on that day... If not, you guys should just hand it in on Wednesday.)

Hmm, I think that's all for the week? If there's anything else to be added, feel free to edit it. ^^

[EDIT]By the way, there's a GP reflection on mass media to be done, but I'm not sure when we have to hand it in, so remember to do it! And don't forget to do your online Chem quiz too![/EDIT]

-Wen Yi

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