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Friday, April 10, 2009: Because I've got no life...

Found out about the physics test format on the website. Here's what it says:

Dynamics Lecture Quiz (17 Apr 09)

posted 7 Apr 2009 15:18 by Staff Chia Guo Hao Dear Trainee Physicists,

Please take note of the format for the coming Dynamics lecture quiz.

25 Marks over 45 minutes
3 Compulsory questions (25 marks in total)
3 Bonus optional questions (unknown marks in total)

There will be 3 optional bonus questions on top of the 3 compulsory questions for the quiz. Do not attempt the optional questions until you have completed the compulsory questions.
The bonus question will be used as one of the indicators for the school to shortlist students for 2009 Physics Olympiad.
The maximum score for the test is 25 marks. If you score 26 or above, including the bonus marks, it will be rounded down to 25 marks.

For example.
Test score (Q1-3) = 23 marks
Bonus score (Q4-6) = 3 marks
Total score = 25 marks

Good Luck!

Homework list will be out sometime tomorrow cause I'm too lazy to post it now, but I won't mind if someone wants to post it for me(:

-Wen Yi

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