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Wednesday, March 11, 2009: Class Outing in MARCH HOLIS

Its kinda confirm that we will have one isn't it, so now must decide where?
IT WILL BE ON NEXT THURS, 19 march. :D (for those who cannot make it, I am sorry)

What do you all want to do huh? Now, we have two choices. To go Teo heng or go eat Sakae buffet together. Any more ideas just tag on the board.

Anyway, few stuff to know:
--Zenn refused to go Teo heng cause he dont want sing lame english songs and LAMER CHINESE SONGS. So, people that wants to sing, please convince him. :P
--Also, if you want go sing song, then must faster book rooms. we need 2 rooms cause size too big(I am assuming that most will go) so, people please make up your mind and DONT SEE FIRST . WARNING:IF YOU SAY SEE FIRST, YOU WILL STILL PAY EVEN IF YOU DONT GO IN THE END. yay :))
-- Can we all go eat dinner together cause thats the only time that I can join you all. SOB SOB.


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